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We are main working with real estate industry in japan.

  • We provide various solutions related to real estate.
  • We develop and operate web applications for the real estate industry that utilize AI and robots.
  • We are engaged in business related to Zweispace partners.

Zweispace is working to lead the real estate industry, construction industry, financial industry, and professional industry to a richer level with the power of technology, and to improve the lives of general consumers. In 2019, in addition to the development and operation of the app Autocalc, which can automatically create a construction plan, the catfish that automatically measures the seismic strength of an earthquake, and the app Off Dokun, which can discount the fee for buying and selling real estate.

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Our Coins



This is zweicoin. ZWC coins is used in wallet system. User can buy design from marketplace using this coins. User can get subscription of eee0003 website. User can buy token for NAMAZU app usage.

This is Legal Token. Legal coins is used in lega-system. It is used in insurance process. Apartment owner can use this coins. This is also use in all legal matters which is mansioned in legal system.

This is Zweinote. Zweinote is the real estate unit token. At first, Zweinote helps unit owner to check the transaction, ownership and ledgers in real estate blokchchain.

This is Namazu Token. NAMAZU coins is used for NAMAZU app. NAMAZU app is basically used for seismic strength of your home. It is measuring probability of an earthquake.

This is Jei Token. JEI coin is used in wallet system. In wallet system, there are some specific value of this token. Users can transfer this token to another user in wallet.

This is Thaler Token. Thaler coin is used in wallet system. In wallet system, there are some specific value of this token. Users can transfer this token to another user in wallet.

This is Gem Token. Gem coin is used in wallet system. In wallet system, there are some specific value of this token. Users can transfer this token to another user in wallet.

NAMAZU, a free app that can measure the seismic strength of your precious home

The probability that an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher will occur within the next 30 years is 80% or more on the Kanto Pacific side!

  • 01 Free seismic strength diagnosis!

    Usually, the seismic strength measurement of a wooden house is 200,000 to 500,000 yen at a time, and the cost of a steel-framed building is even higher. Catfish are free to measure seismic strength!

  • I actually measured the seismic strength, but what should I do from now on? You can solve such problems and receive consulting from real estate experts. We also offer seismic retrofitting work, consultation on rebuilding, and preferential loan treatment for properties with excellent seismic strength.

Autocalc is a free web application that is a must-see for those who want to utilize land.

Autocalc, a robot building planner, automatically creates a building plan that is perfect for your land. The total rent income, cap rate, total asset value, etc. when the building is rented are automatically calculated.

  • 01 Free construction plan!

    If you ask a first-class architect, you can make a land construction plan that costs more than 200,000 yen for free. Moreover, although the building plan is basically 2D, you can also create a 3D plan with Autocalc. You can imagine the finish more concretely. Work that normally takes 3 days to 1 week can be done in just 5 minutes.

  • There are many very useful functions for those who are thinking about land utilization. The total rent income when rented as a rental property, the floor plan of each room, and the rent for each room are automatically calculated. You can try which pattern is the most efficient, such as when all floors are apartments or offices.

  • You can get land utilization consulting from a real estate investment professional. We will answer various inquiries such as wanting to actually build a building, worrying about management when making a rental property, selling land and making a better real estate investment with it.


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Patent family

Early patents granted in 5 countries already. Blockchain, AI, IoT. Zweichian will provide free usage of those patents

Award winning Real Estate Apps

AI architect AI appraiser AI earthquake solutions powered by blockchain

Smarter Contracts

We won’t need special language for our Smarter Contracts, light weight structure with immutable DB

Proof of Stake

Zweichain aims to provide solutions to planetary scale problems for humanity. We respect environment, and want to save powerst

Harmonics DEX

Traditional finance is facing issues like gamestop incidents. We are offering solutions powered by world class mathematicians

NFT for creators

NFT creates new opportunities of artists and musicians. We start from music industries, new way of creation and industry.

Zweichain Public Network

We created Zweichain Public Network. Its Public Network of the Twin Chain with Smart Contract

  • Zweichain is a twin chain network where public chain and private chain are not just offering utility to the public but also protecting privacy as well.

  • Zweichain as a twin chain, uses both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake as the consensus mechanism.

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Other Services


Use explorer for get information related to your transaction. It includes hashcode, recieved time, Inlcuded block and transaction price.


User can purchase from our wallet. There are marketplace and portfolios available. User can also share zweicoin through our wallet.


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Decentralized wallet

Metamast is used for transaction purpose. Our Public Network works on Metamask app.



Real estate registration managed on blockchain

Title registration differ by countries
Real estate infomation, registered into blockchain
Immutable record with decent Privacy
MultiSig Solution
Multiple Patents already granted in countries.
Zweichian will offer free access to those patents

Real estate Tokenization

Tokenizing real estate, using proprietary standard.
Orignation, Mortgage, Trust, managed with blockchain
Industry applications on the real estate tokens.
Double spent issues solved

Real estate related apps, AI, IoT, LegalTech, seismic risk

Legal System will help speeding up contract process, minimizing mistake
AI appraiser can asses the maximum market price of the realestate
AI architect can generate, maximum profitable building design
AI earthquake assesment app will generate probal maximum loss of the five location and building
SmartContract will create instant settlement in the future

Zweichain Public Network

User can use our public node using zweicoins and do transactions. Users can get zweicoin from our wallet system.

  • ZEP Token
  • Smarter Contract
  • Forge on Hub ( ZWC → Namazu )
  • Block time 10 to 60 seconds
  • Bridging Hub
  • Proof of Stake and Proof of Work
  • EVM


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