Autocalc is a free web application that is a must-see for those who want to utilize land.

Autocalc, a robot building planner, automatically creates a building plan that is perfect for your land. The total rent income, cap rate, total asset value, etc. when the building is rented are automatically calculated.

Free construction plan!

If you ask a first-class architect, you can make a land construction plan that costs more than 200,000 yen for free. Moreover, although the building plan is basically 2D, you can also create a 3D plan with Autocalc. You can imagine the finish more concretely. Work that normally takes 3 days to 1 week can be done in just 5 minutes.

You can see everything such as yield and asset value when you make a rental property!

There are many very useful functions for those who are thinking about land utilization. The total rent income when rented as a rental property, the floor plan of each room, and the rent for each room are automatically calculated. You can try which pattern is the most efficient, such as when all floors are apartments or offices.

Get free land utilization consulting!

You can get land utilization consulting from a real estate investment professional. We will answer various inquiries such as wanting to actually build a building, worrying about management when making a rental property, selling land and making a better real estate investment with it.